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Security management in business must be reactive to new challenges and risks, such as protection of employees and assets to reduce fraud and strengthening security standards to eliminate risks of crime and terrorism.

We at Fastcom believe that a primary risk is having people access secure areas without proper authorisation. The most sophisticated access control system is insufficient if authorised users may be followed by other unauthorized persons. To address this problem Fastcom invented the missing link in access control. It’s called SMACS.

Fastcom is the leader in high security anti-tailgating and single person detection solutions (singularisation control). SMACS products are fully integrable in new or existing infrastructure and may be combined with biometrics, cards, RFID and/or airlocks, mantraps, barriers, turnstiles, multi-door rooms or corridors.



We offer a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing product solution, scaled and adapted to your infrastructure that minimises the fundamental compromise between security and user-friendliness.
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We assist security consultants by offering optimal integrated product solutions (identification, barrier, singularisation) for anything from single door supervision up to complex multi-door security airlocks customised to your exact needs. 
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We offer a flexible product solution for your specific customer needs. SMACS offers a unique opportunity to approch your customers with a unique, cost effective singularisation solution to improve their access control value chain.
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Because SMACS can be adapted to almost any access control situation, you can design tailored solutions for your customers, offering customised design, high throughput, and the highest security for any entry situation.
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Our OEM support team help to integrate the SMACS SmartSight technology into specific market applications (immigration, border control) or physical access control products such as mantraps and turnstiles.
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