The missing link to access control


Limitations of the mechanical solutions: Traditional solutions for anti-tailgating rely on mechanical or physical constraints that impede people movements. This approach has significant performance weaknesses and does not provide the flexibility which is necessary for efficient security processes.

SMACS advantages: SMACS solutions have high-performance and are flexible.

  • Besides the anti-tailgating functionality, the SMACS incorporate the functionalities of empty check and door management.
  • Multiple flows security can be implemented within a single infrastructure, thus providing more security while saving space. The flows that are managed by SMACS are the flow of people, of people with disabilities, of people with extreme body sizes, of hand luggage and of equipment.
  • Can integrate with any access control and/or identification system such as ID cards and biometric sensors.
  • Security processes that are aligned with customer needs. Examples of such processes are the "symmetric security" mode, the "asymmetric security" mode, the "single lock" mode, the "VIP" mode, the "transport" mode, ...
  • No physical constraints are imposed on the users.
  • Designed to integrate seamlessly into the existing infrastructure.
  • Reference customers worldwide since 1999.
  • Patented and Swiss-made.
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