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SMACS 1door-TS - The high-security anti-tailgating solution for a single door airlock

SMACS 1door-TS is the reliable solution for high security and flexible anti-tailgating with one single door. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your infrastructure, it maintains high levels of security and prevents tailgating. SMACS 1door-TS ensures that your security processes are followed correctly at every transit and that they are adapted to your business requirements.

SMACS 1door-TS - The high-security anti-tailgating solution for a single door airlock

Part of the SMACS product line, SMACS 1door-TS is the reliable solution for automatic, highly secure and flexible anti-tailgating in front of a single door. It is suited to a wide range of applications and can be easily retrofitted into the existing infrastructure.

SMACS 1door-TS provides high security protection against tailgating whilst allowing for flexible security processes to meet the individual needs of your business. For example, in parallel to high security anti-tailgating, SMACS 1door-TS can manage the flow of material such as hand-luggage or allow for asymmetrical access procedures such as "single entry"/"free exit". SMACS 1door-TS uses information on the user profile (i.e. UP functionality) to ensure better comfort and enhanced security.

SMACS 1door-TS is a Swiss-made solution that can either be a standalone system or can seamlessly integrate with any existing access control system.

Specific features of the product


  • Fully automatic high security in front of 1 single door
  • Passage for up to 5 persons/minute


  • Symmetrical/asymmetrical access control - control in one or both directions
  • Secure management of hand-luggage
  • Disabled people access management
  • "day" mode versus “night” mode
  • "week-day" mode versus "weekend-day" mode

SMACS product comparison

  SMACS Entry SMACS Multi-Entry SMACS Lift SMACS Mat SMACS Flex Mat SMACS Flex SMACS 1door-TS
Automatic and intelligent security
More than 2 doors / / / /
Material management / / /

Technical data - Applies to all configurations

Processing unit dimensions 300 x 200 x 70 mm
Cabinet Dimension (Optional) 600 x 600 x 210 mm
Connectivity Network, Standalone
Hardware interface Digital I/O, dry contacts, TCP/IP
Sensors compatibility Analog, Network, TOF, Thermal, Laser, IR
Guidance (Optional) Traffic lights, Audio, Visual
Maximum airlock size Unlimited, given sufficient camera
Minimum airlock height 2.50 m
Access control interface Wiegand, TPC/IP, RS 232/485
Alarm interface Digital I/O, dry contacts, TCP/IP
Power supply 110-230Vac 150-500W
Size of Singularisation Zone Minimum 1.5 m x 1.5 m
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