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SMACS Mat - The high-security solution for material airlock

SMACS mat is the reliable and flexible solution for creating a highly secure material only airlock. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your infrastructure, it ensures only material passes through the airlock, detecting and preventing any person from using the airlock to access a secure area. SMACS mat ensures that your security processes are followed correctly at every transit and that they are adapted to your business requirements.

SMACS Mat - The high-security solution for material airlock

Part of the SMACS product line, SMACS mat is the reliable solution for automatic, highly secure material only transit airlock in a multi door environment. Multiple sizes of material can be handled with adjustable levels of security, thus preventing anyone from using the material airlock to penetrate into the secured area.

It is suited to a wide range of applications and may be easily retrofitted into the existing infrastructure. SMACS mat provides a high security solution for material only airlock whilst allowing for flexible security processes to meet the individual needs of your business. For example, in parallel to enabling a highly secure material airlock, SMACS mat can allow for levels of security that vary accordingly to week-days or weekend-days.

SMACS flex is a Swiss-made solution that can either be a standalone system or seamlessly integrate with any existing access control system.

Specific features of the product


  • Fully automatic high security
  • Up to 2 passages/minute
  • Handling of multiple sizes of material
  • Management of airlocks with more than 2 doors


  • "day" mode versus “night” mode
  • “week-day” mode versus “weekend-day” mode
  • By-pass mode

SMACS product comparison

  SMACS Entry SMACS Multi-Entry SMACS Lift SMACS Mat SMACS Flex Mat SMACS Flex SMACS 1door-TS
Automatic and intelligent security
More than 2 doors / / / /
Material management / / /

Technical data - Applies to all configurations

Processing unit dimensions 300 x 200 x 70 mm
Cabinet Dimension (Optional) 600 x 600 x 210 mm
Connectivity Network, Standalone
Hardware interface Digital I/O, dry contacts, TCP/IP
Sensors compatibility Analog, Network, TOF, Thermal, Laser, IR
Guidance (Optional) Traffic lights, Audio, Visual
Maximum airlock size Unlimited, given sufficient camera
Minimum airlock height 2 m
Access control interface Wiegand, TPC/IP, RS 232/485
Alarm interface Digital I/O, dry contacts, TCP/IP
Power supply 110-230Vac 150-500W
Size of Singularisation Zone Minimum 1.5 m x 1.5 m
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