The missing link to access control

SMACS summary

SMACS, by Fastcom Technology, is the reliable and flexible solution for high security and flexible anti-tailgating combined with secure material flow. SMACS is a patented Swiss-made intelligent solution and it is the natural complement to any identification system such as ID cards or biometrics.

Many renowned companies around the world are using SMACS. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your infrastructure, it maintains high levels of security and adapts to the business requirements. For instance, in parallel to high security anti-tailgating, SMACS can manage the flow of material and adapt itself to disabled people.

SMACS makes sure that the security processes are followed correctly at every transit to the zones that must be protected.

What is anti-tailgating?

Anti-tailgating is a key element of access control. Anti-tailgating prevents that an unauthorized person gains access to the secured area by following an authorized user.


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FASTCOM Technology SA is an independent Swiss company which provides security solutions and security technical consulting services. Active since 1997, FASTCOM Technology SA has customers worldwide and is based in Lausanne.

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